The Fiery Blood

A gothic black metal setting of rebellion against Gods and Masters.

But a few generations ago, the God-King arrived in the land of Nod, and on that day, when the Elysian Gardens appeared in the sky, the assault of Heaven began. The invading hosts quickly subjugated the peoples of Nod, for they possessed the secret of Fire and could unleash it via hand or flintlock. However, while the Cult of the Living Sun has managed to conquer the land and destroy its way of life, its crusade against the dark, the dead and the inherited is met with perennial resistance. On the great estates and in the deep woods, in the libertine cities and in the depths of the underworld, a black flame has been kindled in the hearts of the hopeless, and their fiery blood breeds rebellion.

Soon they will go forth, and slay their masters, and mayhap be slain in kind. The black flame, however, can never be quenched.

The Fiery Blood is a system-less setting for use with your favourite RPG (f.ex. Dramasystem, OSR or Archipelago). Download it here in PDF: The Fiery Blood.

Its chief inspiration is DEUS MORTEM‘s EP of the same name, which you can listen to on their Bandcamp. The setting was written for the Metal Magic Challenge on the forum

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